Good-Skin-From-Within Infused Water Recipe

As the weather heats up, we all know the importance of drinking enough water and protecting our skin from the sun. But these routines can be a drag. I’ve noticed that I’m more motivated to take care of myself by making a few tweaks. I developed a natural sunscreen, RX on the Beach, that makes sun protection more enjoyable, and now, I’ve found a way of making staying hydrated more enjoyable too by making this refreshing infused water.


Drinking enough water keeps the entire body functioning optimally; 60% of our bodies are made of the stuff! Water helps flush the body of toxins and keeps skin elastic and dewy. Even slightly dehydrated skin can suffer from all kinds of problems, from wrinkles and dryness to clogged pores and acne. So if all-over improved health isn’t enough of a motivation to drink more water, just think about your skin as you’re taking those mindful extra sips. 

How much water do we need? The long agreed-upon standard is 8 eight-ounce glasses, or half a gallon, a day. I’ve found that it can help to have a large water bottle with you throughout the day if you don’t usually stop to think about getting a glass of water. Besides always keeping water on hand, the best tip I’ve found to get myself to drink more water is to make this refreshing infused water.

This recipe is so easy to make. The extra ingredients not only make the water taste better, but also level up the health benefits of regular H2O. The ginger is packed with antioxidants which have anti-aging properties and also help protect your skin from UV damage (don’t skip the sunscreen though!). Lemon water has been revered in many cultures for its detoxing effects. And throwing in a few sprigs of mint will make the whole batch taste so good that you’ll actually want to be drinking more. Your skin will thank you.

Good-Skin-From-Within Infused Water


  • half a gallon of water (filtered if possible)

  • 1 ginger root

  • 2 lemons

  • several sprigs of mint



Rinse the ginger, lemons, and mint. Cut the ginger into thin rounds and slice the lemons. The thinner you slice your ingredients, the faster the flavors will infuse into the water. Place all of the ingredients in a large pitcher, water bottle or other glass container (preferably with a lid). I’ve found that it helps to place the flavoring ingredients into the container first and then add the water. 

Put the batch in the fridge and leave it for several hours. Be patient! The longer you wait, the better it will taste. I like to make a batch at night before going to bed. Then I get to wake up the next morning with a day’s supply of refreshing flavored water ready to go!

Optional Ingredients:

You can adjust the proportions of each ingredient based on your personal taste. I also recommend experimenting with other fresh organic ingredients. Add a handful of wheatgrass for that extra glow or sprinkle in berries for a hint of sweetness. The infinite combinations of ingredients ensure that water boredom is officially over.


I strongly believe in natural solutions to help you feel beautiful and healthy inside and out, so I hope you get a chance to try this infused water recipe and enjoy the hydrating glow all spring and summer long!

With Love,


Toviah HJ Carter