Sustainable Fashion: Grass-Fields

I have a general color direction every spring and summer (and fall, actually). This spring, I ventured to the Ivory coast of Africa for inspiration. Even when I’m not traveling, I’m traveling in my dreams. Nigeria and Morocco are also inspiring, with lively yellows, fiery reds and sea greens.

As I continue my pursuit of living a more sustainable and joyful life, I’ve recently turned to who and what I’m wearing. We spend so much time discussing our imprint but we we rarely include clothing and accessories. More and more, I am looking for sustainable and thoughtful brands who pay a living wage, support their communities and uplift the plant and people through their designs and their mission statements.

Founded by Christelle and Michelle Nganhou, twin sisters from Cameroon, Grass-Fields (formerly known as The African Store) was created with a meaningful aim: Put the love back into African print clothing again.

The motivation behind these sisters’ stories is extremely inspiring and relatable to any woman of color. I fell more in love with this brand the more I read about them.

The biggest inspiration behind Grass Fields is an African heritage and a love for self-expression through clothing. This inspiration manifests itself in the form of vivid, eye-catching and contemporary African print dresses.


These entrepreneurs have an incredible Grass-fields team making clothes in Cameroon, who get three times the average salary!. They help source high quality & unique fabric not only from Cameroon, but Nigeria and Benin as well. This is particularly important Christelle and Michelle for the purpose of creating unique African print clothing that speaks to women without compromising on quality. Each piece is designed and crafted with love and we think it shows in our clothes. I love business who protect our planet and those in it, especially that are connected to us, respectfully. I’m not big on conventional clothing that gets made in a country for the purpose of getting things made for cheap and neglecting jobs that are needed in their own country. Check these beautiful ladies out when you get a moment.  Their online store has plenty to choose from and will keep your spirits light and joyous!

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Image via Grass-Fields

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