Why the Beauty Industry Is Buzzing!

Well, 2019 is already off to a groundbreaking start!! Talk of Walls being built, government and taxpayers' funds being mishandled, and the citizens of Flint, Michigan FINALLY regularly accessing human grade water thanks to a young man by the name of Jaden Smith.

The last one just really reminds me of how much we are a village and how often we take for granted an element that many of us assume is healthy and harmless if it comes into our homes via industrial designed pipes.

The element, WATER, is the basis for so many things created in the beauty industry. Just like the people of Flint or another underdeveloped township that has learned from experience, just because it's accessible doesn't make it healthy.

In general, more consumers are aware of the poisons injected into our foods, medicines, skin care, and beauty products must be questioned! Being that customer who reads his/her labels before investing in a purchase is the absolute smartest consumer move.

Fortunately, the Beauty Industry is taking heed to the consumer’s doubts. Hidden ingredients or jotting in unexplainable ingredients is simply unacceptable to the responsible consumer. How are the changes being reflected?

Labels now clearly categorize ingredients on new packages that read well with the keen customer of today. The psychology of it all is very "by design". Kraft/Brown, Green, and White seem to symbolize "Organic", "Non-GMO", and "Pure".

So, that's only a small percentage of all the changes. Now, companies must remove aluminums, parabens, sulfates, and synthetic oils from products geared toward health-conscious customers...or else, they're gone!

With the growing vegan population, you'd better not test on animals or include any animal product or bi-product in your moisturizers or cleansers. This travels into the makeup items, such as mascara, eye liner, and even primers.

With only 11 ingredients banned in the US from cosmetics in the UK (1,300 banned or restricted in the UE), Trust becomes a huge weight in the beauty aisle. Many customers are now resisting the area and opting for specialty spots or just online blogs and tutorials/product reviews to help them make the best decision possible.

Sustainable packaging is probably one of the most varying buzz words due to cost-effectiveness. With hemp on the rise, at least we are moving away from single use plastic. However, to replace all plastic packaging with aluminum or glass (not the most workable for the everyday grind) could increase value brands like L'oreal, Burts Bees, and Maybeline would have to raise their consumer costs at least 20% in order to cover packaging and shipping costs. So, where do their customers migrate to in Beauty Brand World?

With all these Buzz Words mentioned in this short exert from a $71 Billion dollar industry, countries are focussed on supporting ethical brands that are also complexion inclusive in their development and marketing. Oh yes, we all want to be a priority for these companies, from the fair to the melanin-blessed complexions.

So, what are you missing from your Skin and Beauty Routine, still?

Do you want to see more companies concerned with Climate Change?

Are you still not able to go out bare skinned without the embarrassment of "bad skin" caused by the harmful chemicals in your daily beauty regimen?

-Ayanna D.N. Freeman

Toviah HJ CarterComment