I am such a fan of Leelas body cocktails!!! My first product was the pollen season BFF. It is a roll on that smells unbelievable. You put it on temples under your nose, back of neck, or anywhere that you want to feel cooling and amazing. I also love the mint julep and lemon daiquiri lotions. I take mint julep to get massage as it feels so relax and releases sore muscles. I love the sunscreen and bug spray for myself and my 3 year old. The new coffee scrub is invigorating. I love that I can read the ingredients and feel safe using all her products on my 3 year old. Ayanna listens to her clients and is a fabulous educator. I took a class with her on candle making and essential oils and learned ways to incorporate them into my daily life. Ayanna cares so much about helping her clients. I trust her and turn to her often with skincare needs and questions. If you haven’t tried her products or had a discussion about your skin care needs then you are missing out. New Mexico is very lucky she moved here!”

I love it this product, it makes my skin soooo friggin smooth and wonderful.”